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Mission Statement

Good Simoleons is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to under-served communities and causes in crises by providing project based funding and advocating publicly on their behalf.

Our Philosophy

Good Simoleons is a grass-roots organization that believes that change begins with creating a global community of givers. We believe that most people want the same things – to ensure everyone has opportunity and hope, that veterans, the elderly, children and animals receive the food, care and shelter they need, and that every person has a safe and secure environment to dream, thrive and live to their optimum potential. Good Simoleons is committed to working with individuals and organizations who are working within our communities to create these positives changes.

Good Simoleons believes that change lies in the hands of the people. We are the ones who know the day to day struggles, what is happening in our communities, and what is most needed. We are the ones who will be impacted by these changes. It is our hope at Good Simoleons that the more we do, the more we gain, that we become connected as a community again through acts of charity and once again feel united, through compassion and humanity.

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